The Beatlemania Shoppe uses DXCart for online shopping. By using the DXCart you can create your own list of items for purchasing.

Simply choose the item(s) from the product pages by clicking the ‘ADD’ button. This creates a ‘cart’ in which your items are listed. You then return to the page you were viewing by clicking the ‘Back’ button. If you need to check the contents of your cart before checking out, you can click “Check Cart” in the bar at the top of each product page. You can add and delete items at any time. When you are finished shopping you can click “Check Out” in the bar at the top of the product page. You can then choose from a number of methods for payment.

These are:

1.Secure credit card processing using InternetSecure: Our credit card service accepts VISAMasterCard and AMEX. By using InternetSecure, your payment is processed immediately by a secure server. We do not have access to your credit card number and your information is handled by a completely secure process. You will receive an e-mail confirmation that your payment has been processed. Your e-mail address, list and shipping information is then e-mailed to us for order processing. Orders ship within 2-3 days.

2.Phone, fax or mail your order: Follow the directions on the ‘Check Out’ page. Your cart list can be printed out or you can phone in your order from the list on your screen (please have the list, your credit card and shipping information ready). Shipping Shipping charges are as follows:

Continental North America: $7.00 for first item, $1.00 each for consecutive items.

England: $15.00 for first item, $2.00 each for consecutive items.

Europe: $20.00 for first item, $2.00 each for consecutive items.

South America: $20.00 for first item, $2.00 each for consecutive items.

Africa, Far East and Australia: $20.00 for first item, $2.00 each for consecutive items.

NOTE: All American customers will be charged in American dollars.

Some items, as noted, include additional postage due to size, packaging required and weight. Taxes and Duty Please note that residents of Ontario pay 8% PST and 7% GST. Residents of the Maritimes pay 15% HST. Residents of other countries may be required to pay duties charged by their respective customs department. These duties and any other charges related to importation are the responsibility of the purchaser.